Did you know that hymns were once drinking songs?

It's true! The music that is sung so beautifully and formally in many churches really does come from old drinking songs that were sung in pubs by men while they knocked back a pint! 

Talking about God can be a challenge for many of us, especially in the confines of a church. So, we're taking church to the place where everybody knows your name! Join us on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month,

6:30-8:00 PM, at The White Buffalo in Lawton as we talk theology and enjoy good company over dinner. You might even break into song!

So, this is a guy thing?

Yeah, this is a men's groupladies, we do have Words with Wine! 

Here's how Faith on Tap typically works:

  • We show up around 6:30 PM
  • We catch up on life while ordering dinner & drinks
    (optional on the drinks, whatever works for you)
  • We study a Scripture passage so Phil has something to talk about on Sunday mornings in worship
  • We pray for one another
  • We go home

That's it... Pretty simple, and a really good time. Join us this week!

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