Where We're Located

You can find us right in the heart of Elgin!

Our buildings have been a part of the community for many years, and we're working hard to honor tradition and embrace the needs of modern families with fresh, state-of-the-art updates!

Our address is 60 G Street, Elgin, OK 73538 and directions are Here.

Who We Are

We want you to know who we are. At Community, we strive to create a culture that reflects the love of God for all people - no matter who you are or where you're from. Some of us have lived here our whole lives, others are just passing through as we serve in the military. We are a congregation determined to equip one another to share the good news of Jesus' mission and ministry in a way that spreads beyond Elgin, across southwest Oklahoma and around the world. We invite you to explore the team that are devoted to engaging with you, the values that sustain us and the theology (thoughts about God) that drive our mission.

  • Meet our team

    Get to know our pastoral staff, church leadership and operations teams. Their goal is to serve the congregation effectively so that the whole church can be more effective in serving our community.

  • our mission, vision & values

    We're all here for a reason. Discovering our purpose and unlocking our potential happens through lived-out experience. We are a church with a vision to live our faith practically and visibly in the world around us. Learn more about what drives us.

  • Theology

    What are your thoughts on God? Everybody has them, even if you don't figure there's a God at all. Our thoughts are shaped by our lived-out experience and the interactions we have with others throughout the course of our lives. Theology ("Words" or "Thoughts" about God) is our way of navigating and describing a Christian outlook on life and how our faith intersects with (and cannot be distinct from) our everyday, ordinary lives. 

    Learn more about our "thoughts on God" by exploring Community's Theology.