Here's What We're About

Our Mission is to be continually growing making disciples of Jesus. 

Our Vision is to be a church where individuals

and families can belong, believe, and bring others. 

We are a church that is mostly made of  military families, veterans, and people who understand the strains of military life and public service. We seek to support those who give up their freedoms and sacrifice for others, while fulfilling our mission of making disciples. 

Here's What We Know

  • Faith is more than going to church

    To engage in faith is to lead in life with heart, soul, mind and strength. Our lives are busy, but the world we live in need our help. 

    What if, together, we create opportunities to serve our neighbors so that real, positive change isn't just something we talk about, but something that happens on a regular basis?

  • Parenting is hard

    We understand; we've got kids, too. Finding a community to lean on, learn from and enjoy while working and raising a family is tough. 

    What if, together, we create a space where kids and parents care for one another, and neighbors engage each other, to build one another up and deepen in commitment to loving one another?

  • building a future of hope = teamwork

    We strive to become a relational, hospitality-driven environment where non-Christians and nominally committed Christians actively serve their neighbors as they become deeply committed followers of Jesus. 

    Together, we can change the world.

Join us on the journey this Sunday @ 11am!